LAST STRAW: Poll Shows McCain Viewed More Favorably by Democrats (Details)

Here we go again! Arizona Sen. John McCain is now viewed more favorably by Democrats and Independents than he is Republicans.

McCain knows he has an ‘R’ at the end of his name, right?

From Downtrend:

Arizona Senator John McCain is spending the holidays at his homestead among reports that he is becoming increasingly frail and lethargic as the glioblastoma munches down on what’s left of his brain.

McCain was admitted to the hospital last week and then instead of showing up in the Senate for the big tax reform vote, returned to Arizona. Reports are that he expects to be back in Washington sometime in January but that will depend on how his treatment proceeds.

More via CNN:

Arizona GOP Sen. John McCain is viewed more favorably by Democrats and independents than Republicans, a CNN Poll conducted by SSRS released Tuesday shows.

Sixty-eight percent of Democrats said they had a favorable opinion of the Republican senator, whereas 48% of independents and 46% of Republicans responded the same way.

McCain is popular overall, the poll shows, with 54% of adults answering that they had a positive view of the Arizona lawmaker.

Only 30% said their opinion of McCain was unfavorable.

Is anybody surprised?

McCain, a frequent Trump critic, was once a strong conservative.

Now, he is looked upon with disdain. Shame.

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