WHAT A JOKE! Tillerson Refuses to Thank Trump In Post-Firing Speech (Details)

Rex Tillerson was ousted as Secretary of State by President Trump on Tuesday, who then nominated CIA Director Mike Pompeo to the position.

In his post-firing speech, Tillerson did not thank Trump for allowing him to serve as the nation’s top diplomat.

From The Hill:

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson didn’t thank President Trump in a Tuesday press conference responding to the president announcing his firing on Twitter.

Tillerson praised State Department officials and Defense Department staff for their work during his tenure, while also thanking members of the military and the American people.

But Tillerson did not mention Trump by name, only referring once to the president.

Fox News has more:

The move to oust Tillerson makes sense. With the diplomatic storm that is coming, Trump needs the right team to guide him through some tough challenges ahead.

In the next few months, the Trump administration has some pretty big national security challenges it must tackle. Most pressing of all: what to do about North Korea?

In fact, according to a report by Fox News, the president decided to make this decision ahead of the expected upcoming summit between him and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Bye, Rex.

You won’t be missed.

Who will be next to go? AG Jeff Sessions?

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