WHAT BIAS? New York Times Begs Liberal Supreme Court Justice Not to Retire

Far-left media outlets still don’t get it.

The thing is, the American people don’t care what lefties think about Donald Trump – considering he has exceeded expectations as president.

The New York Times ran a piece recently that begs Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy not to retire for fear Trump will replace him with a conservative.

Could you imagine? THE HORROR!

From Downtrend:

Not only would Trump’s reelection give him a chance to seat more conservative judges including on the nation’s highest court, but with the Dems in smoldering ruins and no salvation in sight, it could be two terms for Mike Pence which would shift the balance on the SCOTUS for at least a generation and allow for principled, pro-constitutional justices to roll back decades of liberalism and block the socialists and cultural Marxist fanatics looking to radically transform America.

The New York Times knows it and on Monday, it printed a pathetic screed begging Justice Anthony Kennedy go through with his rumored retirement at the end of the current Supreme Court term.

More from The Hill:

“How can we put this the right way? Please don’t go,” the board wrote.

The board noted Kennedy’s legacy in helping to deliver “landmark legal victories” for groups like LGBTQ Americans and black college students.

And they said that Republicans are eyeing his departure as a chance to “install another rock-ribbed conservative.”

“But this moment is about so much more than partisan jockeying. We can’t know what is in your heart, Your Honor, but we do know what your departure right now would mean for the court, and for the nation. It would not be good,” the editorial reads.

How silly.

Ask a liberal how conservatism has hurt America and they’ll blame the right for racism – nothing more – without providing facts. Press them further and they’ll walk away because they’ll have nothing else to whine about!

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