‘White People Are Amazing!’ Black CNN Host & Guest Mock All Whites on Live TV, Liberals Silent [WATCH]

CNN contributor Ben Ferguson appeared on host Don Lemon’s program with guest Marc Lamont Hill. Both Lemon and Hill are black men who proceeded to mock a majority of white people.

From Conservative Tribune:

Black CNN Host, Guest Openly Mock Majority of White People

CNN host Don Lemon and political commentator Marc Lamont Hill openly mocked white people who believe there is discrimination against whites in the United States during a segment on Wednesday’s episode of CNN’s “Tonight with Don Lemon.”

The segment revolved around an NPR poll published on Monday in which 92 percent of black respondents said they believed there was discrimination against blacks and 55 percent of whites felt there was discrimination against Caucasians.

“A new poll shows that the majority of white Americans believe there’s discrimination against their race,” Lemon began. Before he could finish what he was going to say, Hill shook his head and smiled, which caused Lemon to begin laughing.

“White people are amazing,” Hill responded.

Lemon then reported the findings of the study and directed Hill to “go on,” to which he did.

You can expect Lemon and Hill to get a pass from the liberal MSM because of their minority privilege.

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