‘Women from the Hood’ – Joe Biden’s Racially-Charged Gaffe Goes Unnoticed by MSM

Former Vice President Joe Biden gets away with a lot of stuff no Republican could ever get away with.

Is it because he’s a Democrat and the mainstream media is on his side? That was rhetorical.

Check out what Biden thinks of females from Detroit, via The Daily Wire:

On Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden made a racially-charged gaffe while describing women in the Detroit area, referring to them as “women from the hood.”


“We went we hired some folks to go into the neighborhoods, they picked pick 58 women, turns out, from the hood.”

Biden said the SAME THING back in 2014.

From The Weekly Standard:

“You know, I was out at UST-Global–I was out in–I went all around the country to take a look at some of the programs that were going on,” said Biden. “And I went to Detroit, which is just getting of its knees. I mean, Detroit has been battered. And there’s an outfit out–not there, it’s a national outfit–called UST-Global, and they’re in a sense (they do more than this) but part of what they do is, they’re a placement operation for large IT and small IT firms–I think you guys here at the Chamber know them.

“So they asked me to come by this program they had going on a community college in the inner city in Detroit. And I walked in and there was a–I think it was a, don’t hold me–I think it was a 15 week program. And there was a group of women from the neighborhood or from the ‘hood. Everyone of these women–the youngest was 24, I believe, and the oldest was 58–and there were about two dozen of them. And they had two more weeks to go…”

Imagine if a Republican said what Joe said.


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